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The 'Catch' with Troublesome Neighbors.

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

In Book Three 'The Keys to Ashdevelon' Finn doesn't usually do a rave like this, but it came through and I kind of like it, so I'll post it here. Since he's half seaborn, you can understand why this gets on his nerves.

Slowly and inexorably, they reeled in the struggling silver avalanche. I don’t know why they blew their horn as no other vessel was in sight. I expect it was exuberance at the incredibly distended catch. Among the mountain of herring, flounder, sprat, perch and salmon, I could see a few drowned dolphins, dead seals, and a large variety of sea birds. Dr Who (Finn's name for his seaborn teacher) said the fish we call cod will disappear from the Baltic zone soon unless humans learn to fish differently. The seaborn enjoy the same species, but what they intended to do about their troublesome neighbors was quite different from the gross methods humans use to get rid of creatures which obstruct their schemes. My seaborn kin seem to feel their only option is to assist humans to evolve a little more quickly. How they will do that, I have no idea. I think it will be way too slow to avoid disaster. Dr Who occasionally shows frustration, but he is also intrigued as to how we got to be the way we are.

Again and again on that journey, we saw trawlers dragging huge flapping metal monstrosities along the sea bed, destroying the tiny plants and animals which live there. Filthy water, death and nothingness follow in the wake of these contraptions. Dr Who says these humans have not developed the intelligence to enrich, rather than destroy their own habitat while getting what they want. Many animals die out when they destroy the area they live on, but they don’t have a choice. Humans have dominion over the planet, and therefore the power to take all nature with them, whichever path they choose. I’m told she is patient and that she will just start building something different, but maybe not - not if we deftly transform Earth into a ball of stone like other planets in our solar system. Dr Who says humans are gradually becoming aware the world is balanced on the smallest and seemingly least significant of creatures. For eons, nature has built up her astounding bio-towers and humans are like the two year old who, in one second flat, come along and knock down big sisters’ creation.

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