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Remember Spring!

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

The story, ‘Spring Forgot to come’ was born about a week before my third son, Byron John, arrived as a squalling bundle of life.

The story appeared in the form of a dream about the ancient nature god, Pan.

In the dream, Pan had lost his pipes, much to the distress of the world, for without them, he could not call forth spring. His subjects, the spirits of forests, earth, air, fire and water, were helpless since a spell of losing had been cast upon the precious artifact. The nature spirits were obliged to find a human child, for only a mortal could see them. The dream was beautiful, so full of magic and color and I’ve never had one like it since. That was thirty years ago, but the story is more topical than ever, now.

I recall that dream was followed by a more disturbing one a few days later. I thought my baby was born with hair down his back and a little calf’s tail. He had pointed ears and a very cute face. Nonetheless, in the dream, I was quite upset about the tail, mostly because I thought other children would tease him about it.

When B,J. was actually born, strangely, he did have pointed ears, but thank God, no tail! I’m told pointed ears are quite a common feature in the newborn as some of them somehow roll them into points in the womb. Most of these straighten out later, as my boy's did.

This snap of history is absolutely true, though it was years before I wrote and illustrated ‘Spring Forgot to come’. It’s about reconnecting with nature and her mysteries which I believe is something humanity sorely needs. I guess the dream was a logical extension of my subconscious since I spent my youth at the famous Findhorn Community where the message and focus is co-operation with nature.

I trust you'll enjoy reading ‘Spring Forgot to Come’ to your child as he or she is in the story and he or she is the hero. It’s child-like, a little bit profound and a direct product of our single and collective subconscious. I have spun it into poetry though I have remained true to the dream. (Don’t cringe, I’m not a bad poet.) You can use the zoom so children can discover the many faeries hidden in the pages.

It will be free to download from my website very soon, so stay tuned!!!

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