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Findhorn, Channeling and Sound

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Real Story from Findhorn 

I was twenty-one when I arrived at the Findhorn Community, only to discover it was about to have an internal conference and guests were asked to leave and return the next week. (For those who don’t know, Findhorn is a famous community based in Northern Scotland. It is dedicated to the cooperation with nature and exploring better ways to live together.) At this stage I had no idea what would trigger the Saltwater Series.

Love at First Sight Findhorn

 The night was utterly black, witchy and hideously windy. Not many of us had mobile phone torches back then. I could not even see my hand in front of my face. To keep from freaking out and falling off the curb, I pulled myself along on a wire fence and chanted the song I’d just heard at the community, ‘Love is what you are, not where you go.’

When I found the place, the owner presented himself as Stanley Macbeth, a true descendant of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. (In fact, the Blasted Heath,  where the witches got at Macbeth is only a few kilometers from there.) He also happened to be a butcher which was a bit quirky. I’m glad I didn’t know that little gem during my spooky walk there.

He asked if I minded sharing a room with another guest who also had to leave Findhorn. The woman jumped up and introduced herself as a clairvoyant and telepath.

I thought – like yeah, must be on an ego trip! But the next minute she said,

‘You’ve been chanting and pulled your aura out the front of you and filled it with light as though you’ve been frightened and trying to step into the light.’ That was my first introduction to Ann from Hawaii. She told me she woke up one morning with those abilities and her lawyer husband ran off screaming. He said he didn’t want to be married to a freak.

Attached to Ann were three other Hawaiian visitors, and we decided to hire a car and go west to the isle of Iona till Findhorn became available. Iona is known as the Holy Isle. I’m told Scotland’s dead kings were launched from Glasgow, alone in little boats. The current would carry them to Iona where they were buried.

As we approached Iona, I had an unusual experience. I felt as though the most incredible electric blue-green light was pouring down on me and I heard the word ‘bride’ repeated. I’d never experienced anything like it before and felt I was getting some kind of gala welcome, though I had no idea why.

I didn’t speak, but Ann turned to me with her eyes closed and said, ‘Somehow in my mind I’m seeing an image your face amid the most powerful electric blue color. You look ecstatic.’ Later, a local told me that St Bride is the patron saint of Iona. Many visitors who are not spiritual or religious find the area strangely powerful. They say something is here. I thought that event was pretty good, but Iona had more in store for me.

It seemed to us that every guest waiting for Findhorn had come to pass the days on Iona, but the four of us managed to cram into a family room at Mrs Black’s farm.  The two guys and girl took the single beds, leaving Ann and I to the double. I found some kind of energy field around Ann prevented any sleep at all.

About three am, I was about to say I needed to find a couch to sleep on, when she sat up, switched on the light and announced, ‘I can’t sleep, a Spirit is bothering me, sorry if it’s inconvenient but I’ll have to tune in.’

I told her it had been bothering me too!

After introducing himself as St Germain, the entity invited questions. Mine was,

 ‘what is Fingal’s Cave?’ I didn’t know why I asked that. I knew nothing about it except I’d heard a symphony of the same name and that the amazing sea cave was off the north end of Iona.

 His powerful answer became the inspiration behind my Saltwater Series.

‘Understand your physical world is but a world of symbols. Everything you see has deeper dimensions. Fingal’s Cave is a huge vortex of sound vibrating on the inner planes. We call it a Temple of Harmony. The massive columns and hexagonal formations you see were caused by powerful primordial frequencies. Because the world is of symbolic forms, that which is visible above the ocean represents the conscious mind: That which is below, the subconscious.

Fingal’s Cave rises out of the sea, so it has to do with the subconscious mind in humans which rules the rhythms and tides of the body – your endocrine system, your breath, your heartbeat, lymph and organs. All these have a frequency or keynote. In the coming age, people will learn to vibrate diseased organs back into harmony by using the correct keynote sounds. They will think cutting into the body with instruments very barbaric. We call this music of the Underworld and it greatly assists the healing of the physical body. It is maintained and augmented by what you call mermaids, subtle entities not of your dimension.

There is also music of the spheres. Music of the spheres will also become available to the masses. In your future, Music of the Spheres pertains to the opening of the human mind. Through sound and the use of colored laser patterns, a staircase of perception can be built to the subtle realms. Everyone witnessing these performances will see and experience something different according to his or her development. This is the science of opening mental doorways through sound.’

As you can see, this had quite an impact on me and inspired the Saltwater Series many years later. I invite you to pick up my books and take a mystical, magical journey through the Hebrides with me.

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