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Other books

by Susan Sowerby

Salt ‘n Pepper
Short stories & poems

These Stories are ranging across various genres such as humor, young adult, ghost, romance, and thriller.
Salt ‘n Pepper provides tasty reading snacks when there is no time for a full meal.

When Spring Forgot to Come!
Children's book

What would we do if spring forgot to come? What would we do if the ground stayed frozen, the animals continued to hibernate in their burrows and there were no new baby animals, bees or flowers? You and Meg are very worried. Are you brave enough to follow her into the cold, dark forest to find out what has gone wrong?

Meg’s House
Children's book

Some houses hold secrets!
When dad decides to renovate the family home, Meg is not happy about sleeping upstairs in the spooky old attic. A big surprise a waiting! Meg will make wondrous discoveries about herself and her own house.
Contact me for your signed copy for $18.

Salt'n Pepper sculpture
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