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the Saltwater Series!

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Sue's Mermaid sighting accounts

"Life takes on a paranormal twist for Finn as he struggles to come to terms with his strange ancestry and to understand how to communicate with his enigmatic deep sea relatives.

His situation becomes even more alarming when he realizes
they believe him to be their long awaited, half-born hero.

Is it his destiny to act as their link to a dangerous and chaotic humanity?
Finn fears the sea-born have chosen the wrong guy."

The author of the Saltwater trilogy, Susan Sowerby, says that "because I’m obsessed with sculpting ceramic mermaids and writing novels about them, I guess I attract uncommon experiences and anecdotes from others. I wanted to share these with my readers as they are both captivating and thought provoking."

Could these mysterious creatures be real if various people from all over the globe had similar experiences? 

Read on and enjoy this short trip around the world.

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