About Me

Susan and mermaid sculpture_1:1.jpg

Artist and Writer

“I subscribe to the old Irish belief that stories needing to be told float about and settle on a storyteller when they are ripe. ‘Saltwater in the Soul’ is definitely one of these. ‘Salt and Pepper’ (free on ‘Smashwords’) is a medley of short writings, some of which may one day become novels. My illustrated children’s stories, ‘Meg’s House, ‘Elf Food for children’ and ‘Spring Forgot to Come’ (free on this site) were favourites of my three sons.”

I am also an artist and best known for my sea-drenched ceramic "mer-people". Although they are my bread-line, their poetry is still close to my heart. For me, they represent the flow and let go of life. I imagine them beneath the moon in deep watery caverns, sustaining sounds of creation on strange musical instruments, maintaining life’s mysterious tides of blood, breath and heartbeat.

Mythology also captures my imagination. My sculpture often portrays mythological creatures that for me represent ancient forces which continue to operate through us even in modern times. The fantastic creatures of the Zodiac show me that we all contain the same universe, though in different combinations.

I also teach sculpture at Triple A Galleries in Margaret River, Australia.