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Underwater mermaid

What would you do if

you discovered your father was not human?

The Saltwater series: Welcome
Book1: Saltwater in the Soul
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The Saltwater Series

by Susan Sowerby

An ancient race from the Deep Ocean, keepers of seven mysterious orbs, are faced with the massive task of re aligning a fractured Earth. They are desperate for human assistance but remain hidden for fear of violence.

When sixteen-year-old Finn discovers he is half sea-born, he finds himself at the centre of a disturbing prophecy which demands he become their reluctant hero.

Saltwater Series Book 1
Book 1 of the Saltwater series

Finn discovers the one he thought was his father, is not and that his real father was not human. He retreats to a lonely croft on the Isle of Erraid in the Scottish Hebrides where his idea of reality is seriously challenged. There, he is drawn into contact with strange relatives who force him to come to terms with a new identity.

Image by Matt Hardy
Kevin's review of Saltwater in the Soul
(a reader based in the United States)


"Saltwater in the Soul" is a beautifully written adventure tale that will hook you right from the beginning, reel you in, and keep you in its net right up to the very end.

Book2: The Pearls of Arcadia
Book 2 of the Saltwater Series

Finn’s girlfriend, Bridget, is kidnapped and powerful hidden adversaries emerge from the shadows. In order to outstrip them, he is forced to activate his sea-born blood. This draws him closer to a task and a destiny he struggles to accept.

Saltwater book 2 cover
Image by Matt Hardy
Anne-Marie's review of The Pearls of Arcadia
(a reader based in Australia)
" I loved The Pearls of Arcadia!"

What a story! So rich and layered with great characters, plenty of action, unexpected twists and turns. It often kept me reading through the night. Thoroughly enjoyable! I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

Book3: The Keys to Ashdevalon
Susan Sow ~ Keys to Ashdevalon - book im
Book 3 in the Saltwater Series

The final book in the series is coming soon!
Seven mysterious orbs have the power to unlock a fantastic future, yet in the wrong hands they could cause humanity to fall into a void so deep it might never escape. As Finn strives to place the orbs in their correct positions, a desperate battle is raging, a battle to control the minds and hearts of humanity.

Under Water
Dive into the Saltwater trilogy
by Susan Sowerby ~ mermaid sculptor  and author
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